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Contributor(s)TiMeBoMb, zektor, da_letter_a, Tgames
TypeSystem tool
Wiimote1.svg Loads files from SDHC cards in the Front SD slot Loads files from the Front SD slot
This homebrew makes permanent changes to your Wii's flash memory (NAND) and should be used with caution.

StartPatch is a homebrew application that patches your System Menu v4.0, v4.1, or v4.2 in a similar fashion as Starfall. It is based upon Menu Patcher by Isaac356.

Brick Warning

In the unlikely case that you lose power during patching process, you may brick your Wii. This will only happen if you lose power while the patches are being applied, and as this is a quick process, there is small risk of bricking. However, if you do brick, no one is responsible. There is no warranty with this app. You should take a BootMii NAND dump and have BootMii installed as boot2 (if possible) as a precaution.

Preloader & StartPatch

Some of these hacks don't play well when Preloader has applied similar hacks.

If you would like to apply a patch in StartPatch, please disable it in Preloader first!



  • v4.2.6x
    • GC Bug fix implemented from v4.2.5.
  • v4.2.5x
    • Added Region Free Wii Games.
  • v4.2.4x
    • Added IOS Selection.
    • Removed IOS-Reload to 250.
    • Removed IOS-Check code.
  • v4.2.3x
    • IOS-Reload to 250
    • IOS-Check
      • To check if IOS250 is installed
      • If it's not installed, StartPatch will now tell you how to install it.
  • v4.2.2x
    •  ???
  • v4.2.1x
    •  ???


  • v4.1.0x
    • Initial v4.1.x release.
  • v4.1.1x
    • Fixed ISFS_GetFileStats Error
    • Fixed patch "Block Online Updates"
    • Added new patches
      • Others were deleted


  • v4.0.5x
    •  ???
  • v4.0.4x
    •  ???
  • v4.0.3x
    •  ???
  • v4.0.2x
    •  ???
  • v4.0.1x
    •  ???


  • v3.2x
    • Initial v3.2x release

Features Of v4.2.x

  • Region Free Wii Games - Allows you to Play Import Titles.
  • IOS Selection - Allows you to select which IOS you would like to use.
  • Disable HAXX, DVDX, RZDx Checks - Disables the System Menu from blocking Homebrew.
  • Block Disc Updates - Blocks updates which have been embedded in Discs.
  • Block Online Updates - Prevents online updates being installed.
  • Force WiFi Connection Test Error - thus preventing the system update that is offered at the WiFi connection test from occuring.
  • Region Free Channels - Allow installation of any region Channels.
  • Region Free GC Games No VM Patch - Removes region restrictions on Gamecube games.
  • Remove NoCopy Protection (Need To Install ALL Five) - Removes the Save File Copy Protection, which prevents Save Files from being copied to SD Cards.
  • Move Disc Channel - Enables the Disc Channel to be moved.
  • No Menu BG Music - Removes the System Menu's background music.
  • Recovery Mode 4th GC DPad UP - Allows you to enter the Wii's Recovery Mode easily.
  • Remove Diag Disc Check - Remove Diagnostic Disc check.
  • Auto-Press A At Health Screen - Automatically presses "A" for you at the Health Screen.
  • Replace Health Screen With Black - Instead of seeing the Health Screen, it shows a black screen.


First remove any previous StartPatch hacks then just run the app through the Homebrew Channel, and select which hacks you would like to apply by pressing "A". You can uninstall the hacks by pressing "B". After you select the ones that you like, select the "Save" option at the bottom of the screen.

NOTE: If there are multiple patches for the same hack you must install ALL of them.

For instance:

  • Remove NoCopy Protection 1/1
  • Remove NoCopy Protection 1/2
  • Remove NoCopy Protection 1/3
  • Remove NoCopy Protection 1/4
  • Remove NoCopy Protection 1/5


Button Action
Wiimote A Button Select / Install
Wiimote B Button Cancel / Uninstall
Wiimote HOME Button Exit To Loader
Wiimote D-Pad Up Navigate List Up
Wiimote D-Pad Down Navigate List Down


  • A way to launch homebrew
  • A cIOS rev12 or higher installed for v4.1, v4.2
  • A trucha enabled IOS 36 installed for v4.0, v4.1



System Menu v4.2

System Menu v4.1

System Menu v4.0

System Menu v3.2

Thank You's (For v4.2.x)

  • TiMeBoMb - Some Very Small Coding, Some Porting, A LOT Of Testing, New StartPatch Icon, New "meta.xml" File ...MORE
  • zektor - A LOT Of Testing, ...MORE
  • da_letter_a - Korean Offsets

Third Party Modifications

StartPatch/StartPatch Mod is able to let you choose which ios you want to use to install the patches.

Final Note

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!! We hold no responsibility in the case of a brick! Enjoy!!