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TypeSystem tool
Version4.0 & 4.1

This homebrew makes permanent changes to your Wii's flash memory (NAND) and should be used with caution.


flyguy only presented it to this community aquilino made this and flyguy had nothing to do with it. Neither Flyguy or aquilino hold any responsibility if you brick. No one holds ANY responsibility if you brick your Wii, you install this at your own risk.

Non-Brick Related Note

I have only tested the 4.0.4 USA version and cannot say if others work.

People will be asking "Why do other regions get higher versions than USA?"

Because the 4.0.4 is the version that works. I have heard about 4.0.6 not copying saves correctly but 4.0.5 (and 4.0.4) do have the correct versions for removing copy protection flags.


StartPatch is a homebrew application that patches your 4.1&4.0 System Menu in a similar fashion as StarFall.


This is basically Starfall for versions 4.0 and 4.1.

The system menu hacks are:

Region free (including Wii channels and SD Card menu channels)

Skipping the disk update check

Removal of the health check

Booting recovery menu by pressing Y on a Nintendo Gamecube controller in port 1

Removal of the diagnostic disc check

Force Disc Region

Remove NoCopy Protection

Free movement of the Disc Channel

Can autoboot a game by booting the Recovery menu, pressing Y on a Nintendo Gamecube controller in port 1 and removing the diagnostic disc check


Just run the app through the homebrew channel and select which hacks you would like to apply by pressing A. You can uninstall the hacks by pressing B. After you select the ones that you like press the save button at the bottom of the screen.

Why not Preloader?

Because this wont let the disc spin forever in the the drive. However if you use Preloader for auto-booting to the HBC then sorry, this is for System Menu hacks only.


-A way to launch homebrew

-A trucha enabled cIOS 249 installed for 4.1

-A trucha enabled IOS 36 installed for 4.0


System Menu 4.1

for PAL (Europe) StartPatchv4.1E

for NTSC USA (United States of America) StartPatchv4.1U

for NTSC JAP (Japan) StartPatchv4.1J

System Menu 4.0

for NTSC USA (United States of America) StartPatchv4.0.4 USA

for PAL (Europe) StartPatchv4.0.5 PAL

for NTSC JAP (Japan) StartPatchv4.0.5 JAP

Final Note

No one has any responsibility for bricking