Starlet/Main Memory

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Start Address End Address Physical Address Size Description
0x00000000 0x017FFFFF 0x00000000 24 MB MEM1 Memory (Cached)
0x10000000 0x13FFFFFF 0x10000000 64 MB MEM2 Memory (Cached)
0x0D000000 0x0D000000 Hardware Registers (shared with the Broadway)
0x0D400000 0x0D400000 RAM used for program code, data and stack
0x0D800000 0x0D800000 Hardware Registers (Starlet private)
0xFFFE0000 0xFFFFFFFF Internal SRAM

I/O is at 0x0D800000 (Starlet private) and 0x0D000000 (shared with the Broadway). That is to say, the contents of 0x0D8xxxxx are selectively mirrored to 0x0D0xxxxx. This may change depending on some of the registers (e.g. when MIOS is active).

There is internal SRAM at 0xFFFE0000, 128kB of it; this stores the kernel code and data, minus the crypto code.

The GDDR3 is at 0x10000000, 64MB of it; the upper 12MB are exclusive for use by the Starlet, the rest is shared with the Broadway.

0x0D0xxxxx may be an AMBA AHB bus.