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  • ...on your Nintendo Wii. For more information about the VC visit the VC page of [ Wikipedia]. ...n A0 to A9, BA to BZ and so on; for Wii games, it is often an abbreviation of the game name (e.g. "SP" for Wii Sports, "ZD" for Zelda).
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  • ...rally, a channel or a game. The high 32 bits are used to indicate the type of title, and the low 32 bits are used to identify the particular title. ...termine what region a title belongs to. The region code is the last letter of the four-letter title ID (the last two digits in hexadecimal notation). Ess
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  • ...Channel]] just copy the '''apps''' directory from the archive to the root of your SD card. If you are using another loader use the '''executables/vbagx_ ...s should be stored in '''/vbagx/roms''' and '''/vbagx/saves''' on the root of your SD card or USB flash drive. You can copy the '''vbagx''' directory fro
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  • A Port of the birds-eye shoot-em-up shooter [ Ope This is a Wii adaptation of TYRIAN, the game edited by Eclipse and published by Epic MegaGames.The orig
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  • ### ID must be of 3 chars (the fourth is its region, useless for our purpose!) WKD-Pirates: The Key of Dreams
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  • '''WiiColEm''' is a port of the [ ColEm] ColecoVision emulator version deve * Added support for "Lord of the Dungeon" (original 32k or trimmed 24k).
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  • '''Death Star Run''' is a game entirely realized with Wii Game Studio Pro by Lord Ashe. This game based on Star Wars and is a scrolling shooter that is playe ...e. So I am posting what I have. If I manage to compile the revised version of I will post it as a separate file so members can judge me based on what I h
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