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Removed notes saying "X contains System Menu 3.3".
| [[IOS37]]
| BOOT2-v64-v2, IOS11-64-v10, IOS12-64-v6, IOS13-64-v10, IOS14-64-v257, IOS15-64-v257, IOS17-64-v512, IOS20-64-v12, IOS21-64-v514, IOS28-64-v1288, IOS30-64-v2576, IOS31-64-v2576, IOS33-64-v1040, IOS34-64-v1039, IOS35-64-v1040, IOS36-64-v1042, IOS37-64-v2070, bc-v4, Eulav_EU-v2, Forecast_EU-v7, mios-v8, News_EU-v7, News-v3, NigaoeNR-v5, photo2-v1, Rgnsel_EU-v2, Shopping-v10, Weather-v3, WiiSystemmenu-v354
| WiiSystemmenu with a version close to v354 is [[System Menu 3.3]][]
| 00010000-REDE
| [[IOS38]]
| BOOT2-v2, IOS11-v10, IOS12-v6, IOS13-v10, IOS14-v257, IOS15-v257, IOS17-v512, IOS20-v12, IOS21-v514, IOS22-v772, IOS28-v1288, IOS30-v2576, IOS31-v2576, IOS33-v1040, IOS34-v1039, IOS35-v1040, IOS36-v1042, IOS37-v2070, IOS38-v3609, bc-v4, Eulav_US-v2, Forecast_US-v7, mios-v8, News-v3, News_US-v7, NigaoeNR-v5, photo2-v1, Rgnsel_US-v2, Shopping-v10, Weather-v3, WiiSystemmenu-v353
 | Similar to Disaster, with additional IOS38. (This can be [[Updating IOS by hand|installed manually]].) WiiSystemmenu-v353 is [[System Menu 3.3]]
| 00010000-RWSE


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