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'''Wiindows''' (Also Known As Wii OS) Is A Menu Replacement/all-in-one app with a basic GUI, to be used alongside [[Preloader/Priiloader]]
{{mbox| type = content| textstyle = color: black; font-weight: bold; | text Instructions == RC2 *Should* Be Available Monday, May 3rd, 2010}}'''Wiindows''' Is Press A Menu Replacement/all-in-one appTo Goto the tools page.the rest is clear
== Credits ==
here is all the code i used
*Tinyload Is In there, but its not currently being used. possibly later on :P
== To do ==
*graphical frontend [added, kind of :P]
*keyboard i/o
*executable file launching (elf/dol)
*launching more channels (check mii out, photo channel, wii shop, etc)
*chromium os esque look (Planned For 0.8, the 3rd Release)
== planned for next release ==
Freeware tools (think MPlayer, WiiCalc, audio playback. maybe even while running Wiindows? aka multitasking, GNU Style Tools)
*basic text editor (think notepad) (started) (i'll include a text editor with it, so X)
*mp3 playback (started, mostly done, working out some bugs. it crashes when there is more than one song in the directory?)
*GH3 Les Paul As A Controller (X)
*NAND Backup And Restoring :O [X]
*Game Launching [X]