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Here's a list of controller button numbers for your customization pleasure.
'''NOTE:''' As of 1.5.0, custom button assignment saving has been reenabled! Customize at your leisure!<br />'''NOTE:''' As of 1.6, the joystick configuration menu works now to display button names. Here are the details:
Below is a list Now displays name of buttons on the Wiimote or Classic controller and what their number assignment equivalents are. In case you're having trouble finding one you want to disable... In coming releases, I plan to change the display in the assignment menu so that it shows which buttons are assigned by name joystick at top instead of by number, so this will eventually be obsolete and removed. {| class(Joystick 1-4 ="wikitable" style="left;text-align:center;"|-! Button || Button Number || Wiimote or Classic|-| {{WiimoteAButton}} || 1 || Wiimote|-| {{WiimoteBButton}} || 2 || Wiimote|-| {{Wiimote1Button}} || 3 || Wiimote|-| {{Wiimote2Button}} || 4 || Wiimote|-| {{WiimoteMinusButton}} || , Joystick 5 || Wiimote|-| {{WiimotePlusButton}} || 6 || Wiimote|-| {{WiimoteHomeButton}} || 7 || Wiimote|-| {{NunchukZButton}} || 8 || Wiimote|== GC Pad 1-4).<br />| {{NunchukCButton}} || 9 || Wiimote |-| {{ClassicAButton}} || 10 || Also displays button names instead of numbers now. AX replaced by JOY (and RJOY for Classic|substick and GC Pad C-| {{ClassicBButton}} || 11 || Classic|Stick), BTN i replaced by W-| {{ClassicXButton}} || 12 || Classic|/C-| {{ClassicYButton}} || 13 || Classic|/N-| {{ClassicLTrigger}} || 14 || Classic|(wiimote, classic, and nunchuk respectively) and name for Wiimotes, and just the names for GC, and H replaced by DPAD. +/-on each axis replaced by physical directions.<br />| {{ClassicRTrigger}} || 15 || Finally, DPAD directions dynamically displayed based on whether Classic|-| {{ClassicZLButton}} || 16 || Classic|-| {{ClassicZRButton}} || 17 || Classic|-| {{ClassicMinusButton}} || 18 || Classic|-| {{ClassicPlusButton}} || 19 || Classic|-| {{ClassicHomeButton}} || 20 || Classic|}is plugged in or not.
In order to make a reassignment, in the Joystick menu, using the "RETURN"/"FIRE" button, select the function you wish to reassign, press the button that is assigned for that controller/expansion, then select the function again and press the button you wish to use. Defaults currently only set the Wiimote buttons by itself, and are really not set properly. However, it's possible to make button assignments with just the Wiimote, or in any combination of controllers and extensions.