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I don't actually have a Wii, but I have installed homebrew software on both my brother's and my wife's. The former is an older model (purchased shortly after Australian launch), homebrewed with [[Bannerbomb]], and compatible with [[BootMii]], which is currently running [[System Menu 4.1]], as the last "safe" version. I've also [[StartPatch]]ed in some extra functionality such as the option to move the Disc Channel (although I haven't actually used it, I just don't like being locked in). My wife's Wii is a newer model (purchased early 2009, in the USA, and homebrewed with the [[Twilight Hack]]) and so BootMii had to be installed as an IOS on that one. For security's sake, [[preloader]] is installed, and the system is still running on [[System Menu 34.2|34.2]]. On both systems, I use [[WiiSCU]] when it's necessary to update channels without updating the system as a whole.
For homebrew, I mainly run emulators (primarily [[DOSBox Wii]], [[FCE Ultra GX]], [[Frodo]], [[Genesis Plus]], [[SMSPlus]], [[Snes9x GX]], [[Visual Boy Advance GX]] and [[Wii64]]) with the odd bit of [[MPlayer CE]] if I ever want to watch media on a TV rather than my netbook screen.


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