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'''MegaZeux''', or '''MZX''', is a [[game creation system]] (GCS) inspired by [[Tim Sweeney (game developer)|Tim Sweeney]]/[[Epic Megagames]]' classic shareware game [[ZZT]]. MegaZeux was created in late 1994 by Gregory Janson, who formed his own company, [[Software Visions]] (now defunct). Like ZZT, MZX was originally released as [[shareware]] and the world editor portion of the program was included for free, allowing third parties to create their own worlds without even registering.
MZX is officially supported on [[Microsoft Windows|Windows]] (Win95 and higher), [[Linux]], [[Mac OS X]], [[AmigaOS 4]], [[Wii]], [[GP2X]], [[PlayStation Portable|PSP]], and the [[Nintendo DS|DS]], but has been ported to other platforms such as [[OpenBSD]], [[FreeBSD]], [[OpenSolaris]], HaikuOS and Android. ==External links==* [ DigitalMZX]* [HaikuOS MegaZeux at Sourceforge]* [ MegaZeux Wiki] and * [ MegaZeux Developer Website]* [Android Highly experimental Windows version of MegaZeux (operating systemdiscontinued after 2.80)|Android]].