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| type = Arcade emulator
| author = Toad King
| maintainer =
| contributor =
| portedby =
| version = 0.2
| download =
| hbb =
Arcade Emulator based on SDL Mame. At the moment it only runs Konami games, but more support will be added in later releases.
== Issues ==
* Only the ROMs on the MameDev website ( and a lot ofold Konami arcade games work with this build. A way to play anything MAMEsupports (that the Wii can also handle) is hopefully gonna be added later.In the mean time, you can try to make a customized build of your own with aspecific list of hardware. See src/mame/tiny.mak and src/mame/tiny.c for anexample on how to do so.
* Only software rendering is supported. This makes playing games without usingthe frameskipper slow, but the auto-frameskipper feature is enabled bydefault. Might add GX support later to make it less choppy.
* No USB support yet.
* Stereo audio is disabled. (Due to floating point issues; will be looked intolater.)
* The joystick on GameCube controllers can't be used. (Will be looked intolater.)
== Changelog ==