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== Tutorials about everything ==
These tutorials cover many aspects of developing applications for the Wii.
{| class="apptable"|-! width="25%" | Title! Description! width="20%" | Author|-*[[User:teknecal|teknecal]]'s '''[ CodeMii Tutorial]''': |This tutorial covers '''setting up DevKitPro''' in Windows, writing '''simple code''', the use of '''controllers''', '''arrays''', '''images''', the '''FAT-filesystem''', '''xml''' and '''sound'''.|[[User:teknecal|teknecal]]|-*'''|[ Curso de Programación]''': |This '''Spanish tutorial''' covers everything from '''setting up DevKitPro''', to creating '''sprites''', to '''collision''' and '''sound'''.||}
== Tutorials on preparation ==
[[DevkitPPC]] is the part of the [[DevkitPro]] toolchain used for Wii and Gamecube development. These guides describe setting up such a system:
*'''{| class="apptable"|-! width="25%" | Title! Description! width="20%" | Author|-|[[Devkitppc setup]]''': |'''Installing devkitPPC''', Setup your project folder, Compile the '''HelloWorld Example''', Run the HelloWorld Example on the emulator, Run the HelloWorld Example on the Wii '''using [[wiiload]]'''.|*'''|-|[ Getting Started]''': |The '''Getting Started''' section on the official devkitPro wiki.|*'''|-|[ Configuring Eclipse for Wii development]''': | This turorial covers installation and configuration of '''Eclipse on Linux''' (can also be applied to '''Windows''' with few path changes). It includes instructions on how configure and checkout '''SVN''' repositories.|[[User:Scognito|Scognito]]|}
== Other tutorials ==
*[[User:Georgp24{| class="apptable"|-! width="25%" | Title! Description! width="20%" | Author|-|Georgp24]]'s '''[[Assembler|Assembler Tutorial]]''': |A tutorial and an application note how to '''develop assembler programs''' and inline assembler code for the Wii and the PowerPC processor. *|[[User:GabberNLGeorgp24|GabberNLGeorgp24]]'s '''|-|[[SDL Wii/tutorial|SDL Tutorial]]''': |A simple but currently incomplete tutorial on '''[[SDL Wii|SDL]]'''. * |[[User:WiiPhlexGabberNL|WiiPhlexGabberNL]]'s ''' |-|[[Libwiisprite/tutorial|Programming with Libwiisprite]]''': |An extensive '''[[libwiisprite]]''' tutorial. It simplifies the first steps as well as teaches some advanced concepts. *|[[User:ArikadoWiiPhlex|ArikadoWiiPhlex]]'s '''|-|[ wii Wii homebrew development tutorials]''': |Tutorials on '''C++ programming''', outputing '''text with libwiisprite''', programing with the [[Wii Balance Board]] and '''playing mp3-files''' with [[libogc]]'s MP3Player. Hopefully more to come. *|[[User:JsmasterArikado|JmasterArikado]]'s ''' |-|[[Libwiigui/tutorial|Libwiigui tutorial]]''': |Describes how to use the '''[[libwiigui]]-library'''|[[User:Jsmaster|Jmaster]]|}

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