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Hackmii Installer v0.5 released. Updated workaround text.
| [[BootMii]]
| BootMii will be overwritten by boot2v4.
| update using the Use [ HackMii Installerinstaller (v0.5)]to (re)install.
| [[Homebrew Channel]]
| Removed by the System Menu
| See aboveUse [http://bootmii. org/download HackMii installer (v0.5)] to (re)install. HBC 1.05 will not be removed by the 4.2 Update. <!--In the meantime, use [[Indiana Pwns]] or [[Smash Stack]] to load homebrew. [[LoadMii]] can be used if you wish for a file selector. you can also use the [ HackMii Installer] before updating to keep the Homebrew Channel-->
| cIOS
| [[DVDX]]
| Removed by the System Menu.
| Wait for an update to the Use [ HackMii Installerinstaller (v0.5)]to (re)install.


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