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Removed link to WAD version of WiiSX and improved installation instructions
== Instructions ==
You will need the [ Homebrew Channel]
*Download from
*Create a folder in the root of your SD card called "PSXISOS". Place all of your .bin/.cue and SCPH1001.BIN(BIOS) in the folder.
**Only .bin/.cue images are supported.
*Place Create a folder under apps (eg /apps/WiiSX) and place the downloaded .dol file in your apps that folder on the root of your SD cardand rename it boot. I also recommend putting your dol (/apps/WiiSX /boot.dol file in a folder named "Wiisx". Channel).
*To be able to save you must put Memory Card files into your "Wiisx" folder located in the apps folder. The memory card files are MCD001.mcr and MCD002.mcr.
*Download from
*Wad version can be found here
*For the wad version you will need programs such as [ WadImport] or Wad Manager.