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| type = arcade game
| author = [[User:Paril|Paril]]
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| peripherals = {{Wiimote1}} {{Wiimote2}} {{Nunchuck}} {{ClassicController}} {{FrontSD}}
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== Engine ==
Rampart uses [[libwiisprite ]] and [[Sndlib]].
The game supports use of nunchuck and classic controller for movement, if you prefer to play it more classic-ly.
== Status ==
(late 2009/2010)
Jan 1:
Happy New Years everybody.
I resumed production. Still need some testers, but the game is going smoothly.
Feb 26:
Created a menu system and a text class based on tiledlayer into a modified [[Libwiisprite]]. It supports every known text style to man, and is almost as flexible as TTF (minus the whole.. bitmap part)
Added download and source links, updated regularly, not ready for release but you can throw in the dol every revision and see what you end up with ;)
Feb 08:
It's been in development for a week or so now. A working menu has been created and the basis of the in-game gameplay is ready. You're able to build territory marked as black with differently shaped walls (all same shapes as Rampart). A particle system has been developed for explosions and the like.
== Credits ==


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