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* A Keyboard inserted into a USB port on the console can be used for text input and specific button controls for certain features and channels.
* New version of [[Internet Channel :** A Keyboard inserted into a USB port on the console can be used for text input (such as typing a URL or writing an email).** During text input using the Wii Remote, the B Button can be pressed to activate the "Shift" function of the onscreen keyboard.** Specific text on the page can now be highlighted with the Wii Remote. Once highlighted, click the "Search" to populate the search field with that text.** It is now possible to edit the web address (URL) of the page currently being viewed on the Internet Channel.** The "Page Information" icon will be visible on all pages while browsing, even if the tool bar is hidden. In addition, "Page Information" has been enhanced to provide you a description of the page's security level; a "Send" button is available to send the page to a friend; a "www" button is provided to edit the current URL and browse to a new page.** The way the Internet Channel can display a page has been enhanced. You now have the ability to make the browser ignore white space from the top and bottom of the screen, and the "Zoom" feature will alert you when an image is at its native size.** The maximum number of Favorites you can save has been increased from 48 to 56.** You can expect a faster, more stable and secure connection with the updated Internet Channel]].* New version of [[Everybody Votes Channel ]] :** The updated version of the [[Everybody Votes Channel ]] provides an improved display for the National Results by Region.
=== December 10, 2007 (rev02) ===
* Added the "Gift Feature" to the Wii Shop Channel, which lets you spend Wii Shop points on a Wii Shop item that you can have sent to a friend.
* New version of [[Photo Channel ]] (1.1) :** Personalize your Wii Menu by making one of your favorite digital images from an SD memory card as the Photo Channel icon (how to).** Replaces MP3 music file support with AAC compatibility . === January 30, 2008 (more inforev03)=== * New version of [[Check Mii Out Channel]] :** The ability to view up to 500 Miis after clicking "Popular" in the Posting Plaza.** A new button on the Posting Plaza that allows you to view Miis that you have designed and posted.** The ability to view Miis created by a specific Mii Artisan from his or her profile screen in the Posting Plaza.** The addition of Parental Controls. As with all other parental controls on Wii, if activated, a PIN code will be required to use the channel.
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