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== About ==
"'''Quadrax''' is logical game game where more than keen reactions you will need fast fingers and will have to use all your grey brain cells. :-)
Next it was ported to Linux-like systems and finally to the Wii (Still using SDL).
Current version: 0.0.1 ( '''Game is out now!''' I am still working on game is being tested and final Wii motion controlls , please notify me if You are optimized)not satisfied with anything!
==== ZX Spectrum ====
Also use several button for actions (switch between characters, use of item...).
Since version 0.5 game uses Joystick to control characters and D-apd to control camera
== Changes ==
SINGLEPLAYER MULTIPLAYER VERSION ONLY! Multiplayer version reuires two WiiMotes First player is defined as red, second as blue Use {{Wiimote1Button}} and {{Wiimote2Button}} to switch between players  '''Version 0.5''' Released: 16 November 2009*+ Multiplayer game added!!!*+ Characters are now controlled by Nunchuk joystick*+ Camera is controlled by D-pad*+ Better loading times*+ Engine log is created (file Quadrax.log)
'''Version 0.4'''
* First public version released!
This is stil still in-development version, many features are waiting to be improved...
* [[SDL]] port for Wii
* [[User:Slappy|Slappy]]
=== PC-Windows version ===
* Marián Ferko
[[Category:Homebrew in Development]]
[[Category:Homebrew using SDL libraries]]

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