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{{Infobox homebrew
| title = OpenTyrianWii
| image = [[ImageFile:Opentyrianwii.png]]
| type = shooting game
| author = OpenTyrian team
A Port of the rail shooter [ OpenTyrian] to Wii.
* Full Wiimote+Nunchuk, Classic Controller, and USB Keyboard support, 95% GC Pad support.
Keep in mind that though Wiimote horizontal play is supported, it is not set up by default. For more information, look here: [ tehskeen]. The only thing that is enabled by default for horizontal is the Wiimote DPad.
=== In Menu ===
{| class="wikitable" style="left;text-align:center;"
=== In Game ===
These are defaults only. For custom, use the in-game joystick config.
! {{Wiimote}}+{{Nunchuk}} || {{WiimoteHorizontal}} || {{ClassicController}} || {{GCNController}} || {{USBKeyboard}} || Action
| {{NunchukControlStick}} || {{WiimoteDPad}} || {{ClassicLControlStick}} || {{GCDPad}} || {{Keypress|Up}}<br/>{{Keypress|Left}}{{Keypress|Down}}{{Keypress|Right}} || Move ship
| {{WiimoteAButton}} || {{Wiimote2Button}} || {{ClassicBButton}} || {{GCAButton}} || {{Keypress|Space}} || Fire weapons
===Custom Button Assignments===
Here's a list of controller button numbers for your customization pleasure.
In order to make a reassignment, in the Joystick menu, using the "RETURN" button, select the function you wish to reassign, press the button that is assigned for that controller/expansion, then select the function again and press the button you wish to use. Defaults currently set the Wiimote+Nunchuk combo and the Classic Controller at the same time (I think the defaults are pretty intuitive, though :)).
This is a Wii adaptation of TYRIAN, the game edited by Eclipse and published by Epic MegaGames.The original game was programmed by Jason Emery, illustrated by Daniel Cook, and its music composed by Alexander Brandon and Andreas Molnar.
This README file was based on the README found on Nuvalo's old one.
This port is separate from Nuvalo's port, and has now replaced it (as you can see). It is fully functional and much more stable than the Wii-Linux version.
This is not the version featured in the Homebrew Showcase linked on the main page (unfortunately). But trust me, it is better, and easier to use.
Tyrian is an arcade-style vertical scrolling shooter. The player controls a space ship fitted with different weapons and enhanced energy shields. Money is earned by destroying enemies and grabbing bonuses, which is then used to purchase upgrades such as weapons,
shields, energy generators, and different ships from interlevel menus. The game is fast paced and presents a variety of enemies and bosses.
==Installation==* Download the two packages on Google Code (you only need the tyrianFiles zip once. Those won't be updated)
* Unzip them directly to the root of your SD card (will work on putting the cfg and sav files in the tyrian folder)
* Run using HBC (you can run it with something else, but HBC is the standard now). [[Homebrew Channel#Installation|Installing Homebrew Channel]]
==Known Issues==
* Network status unknown.
* GC pad joystick does not work (buttons do).
* In Save menu, when using the keyboard, cannot type save names, Enter does not "RETURN" and confirm the save. Use Wiimote A button or Classic Controller b button (defaults).
If you know of or find anything else, or you think of an improvement you'd like to suggest, please post it on my Google Code [ issues page].
* Add popup keyboard for Wiimote use.
* Add support for saving/loading on USB HDDs.
===1.2.0 - 09 June 2009===* On screen keyboard is now fully active, and tested working both in the save menu and on the high scores screen! There are actually quite a few symbols that are available through the OSK that aren't available if you're using a USB keyboard, lol. The OSK comes up automatically on both screens.
* As a result, the interim name input for both screens has been removed (replaced by the OSK).
===1.1.3 - 04 June 2009===* All scalers are now set to center vertical output on a 4:3 display (at 320x240 [none] or 640x480 [2x, scale2x]). Widescreen is untested, but is still expected to stretch and have a substantial black bar at the bottom. Good thing is that it's no longer clipped at the top.* Fullscreen scaling has been abandoned, as the most optimized version of the interpolater (that I could optimize it to) takes too much processor time to complete, and is extremely slow on the Wii. Therefore None, 2x and scale2x are now all open again.* Keyboard functionality has been restored to the save game and high scores naming windows. Keyboard input from all alphanumeric characters, plus some symbols, is now supported.* As an interim solution for non-keyboard save/score naming, save and high score name input is enabled for all joysticks and DPads now, as well. Use up/down to change the character, right to advance a space, and left to delete. Unfortunately, high score input is untested, but soon will be, and any bugs will be fixed in the next version.* Finally, did some cleanup in the OpenTyrian menu. Removed Fullscreen option (it froze the game when activated) and removed 3x, scale3x, and 4x from the scaler options (since SDL can't support that size anyway).
===1.1.2 - 28 May 2009===* All DPads now support bidirectional movement. This makes the GC pad much more viable as a controller to use in OpenTyrianWii.* Fix confirmed for the CC DPad bug. It now only functions as a DPad.
* Unconfirmed fix for HBC 1.0.2 and up (I tested it on my Wii with 1.0.3 and it worked).
* Because of a bug in the joystick saving function, I have temporarily disabled it. Details in Controls.* As a note, turning the volume down on the sfx seems to diminish the popping in the audio, but only slightly. Still looking into a proper resampling.* Also, don't change the scaler to anything but scale2x. 2x is now a testing ground for the 640x480 upscale, and is unstable.
===1.1.1 - 26 May 2009===* All DPads are now functional. Wiimote DPad is configured for horizontal gameplay, CC and GC DPads are configured traditionally. However, the CC DPad left seems to act as an escape key. Fix to come later.
===1.1.0 - 26 May 2009===
* Fixed sound bug from exit exception fix.
* Fixed joystick configuration. Wiimote+nunchuk and Classic Controller are now fully configurable!!! Details in Controls.
* Disabled mouse support (until SDL Wii is fixed with a solution for Wiimote dual functioning as mouse and joystick).
* All userdata moved to tyrian/userdata. For those with versions earlier than 1.1.0, just move your tyrian.cfg and tyrian.sav files to tyrian/userdata. The next time you exit, joystick.cfg will show up there as well.
* Button crashes are not confirmed to be fixed, but so far, I have not had any problems since I disabled the mouse functionality.
* Whatever you do, do not use the GameCube pad yet. It will override (for some reason) the wiimote functionality, and as the GC pad joystick is not functioning yet, you can't navigate or change anything. I will work on a fix for this later.
===1.0.1 - 25 May 2009===
* Fixed exception screen on title menu exit selection.
===1.0 - 25 May 2009===
* Initial release.
* Supports game saves natively.
* Full audio support (music synthesized at 32khz, sfx resampled to 33075). Sfx will pop, music by itself will not.
* Wiimote/Nunchuk support through SDL Wii's joystick functionality.
* mindless2112, syntaxglitch, emacs.hacker, and all the people behind the OpenTyrian project.
* yuriks and mindless2112 of the OpenTyrian project for helping me track down the memory bugs.
* [ OpenTyrian project Web Site]
* [ SDL Wii GoogleCode site]


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