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Robot: Cosmetic changes
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| title = [[ImageFile:MLBLogo.png]]
| desc = Make sure ''your'' balls come out on top
| type = platform game
Challenge a friend and then try to defend your high-score by blasting him off the screen!
These screenshots are representative of gameplay. Some stuff has changed since:
==Gameplay=====Standard Mode===
Be the ball. Holding it 'normally', rotate the WiiMote left and right to control Mr Ball up and up and up! Keep bouncing on the platforms to avoid falling (falling is a bad idea). See how many points you can get, then challenge your friends, family, secret lovers, teachers and co-workers!
Don't forget to bring a towel.....
===NEW! Two-Player mode===
Same rules apply, except a second player can pick up a WiiMote, press 'B' in mid-game, and start dropping bombs on the player controlling the ball! Just point and press 'B' to drop.
{| class="wikitable"
Player 2 can join any game by pressing 'B' on a second WiiMote. Then, point at the screen and drop bombs to blast your opponent off the screen.
* Initial Release
==Communication Problems (A word on Languages)==
No translations this time. Sorry. I've been trying hard, I really have, and the translations you've submitted are very much appreciated. Unfortunately, I wasn't even able to add translations to the meta.xml file because the [[Homebrew Channel]] wouldn't allow accented characters. But your translations have not been in vein. I have added them as brief translations of this wiki page, and I hope to add them to the game in the future....but probably not too soon. Sorry.
==High Scorings==
So you thought you could cheat, huh? FTPed the high score file and modified it, did you? Well, unless you have more determination than a sense of when something is just really not worth pursuing, you will have failed, because accompanying the high score is an (albeit very simple and probably very breakable) hash. I don't doubt that the clever people in this community could have it broken without breaking a sweat, but all the same, I'd like to keep the highscore system as secure as possible, so that should I later decide to implement an online highscore store, I won't have to wipe everyone's existing highscores.
Oh - and anyone who hacks the system is obliged to create a new one.
==Sounds like fun==
Hurray! Sound effects are working and so is the background music. And the best part is when it was broken it wasn't my fault! The latest build of [[libogc]] has fixed a bug in the old version. Three cheers for sound effects!
This one's up to you. Submit a plot/storyline for the game on the Discussion page. The best (and most amusing) story will win.
==Secret Sauce==
At this point, for various boring reasons I can't be bothered to go into, I will not be officially releasing the source code. If you're really that keen to see some poorly written and messy C code, try typing in random requests to Who knows - you might get lucky!
==Thanks for all the fish==
*Big thanks to [[User:DayDreamOz|SpriteAttack]] for bringing some much needed character to the game
*Thanks to [[User:NoNameNo|NoNameNo]] for the excellent [[GRRLIB]]


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