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{{Infobox homebrew
| title = Achtung Wii Kurve
| image = [[File:Awk_logo03Wiikurve.png|180px128px]]
| type = other game
| author = [[User:profetylen|profetylen]]
| version = 1.03
| download = Media:Awk_app.rar
| website =
== Known bugs ==
* Sometimes Rarely you can pass through another curve.
== Feedback / Support ==
PM me on the wiibrew forums (account name=profetylen) or send an email to profetylen@hotmail.<at> gmail <dot> com if you have a suggestion or want to report a bug. You can also use this thread:,22763,22781#msg-22781 or the discussion page of this page to report a bug or propose a suggestion.
== To do ==
* Fix the bugs.* Add support for wiimote speakers* Add support for the balance board* Improve the AI* Make a better logo.
== Alternative Alternate logos =='''Logos made by profetylenProfetylen'''
[[File:Awk_logoAwk logo.png|180px128px]][[File:Awk_logo03Awk logo03.png|180px128px]]
'''Logos made by TRAINROXX'''
[[File:Awk_logo01Awk logo01.png|180px128px]][[File:Awk_logo02Awk logo02.png|180px128px]]
'''Logos made by Elisherer'''
== Release log =='''Logos made by [[User:NeoRame| NeoRame]]'''
[[File:Wiikurve.png|128px]] == Custom music ==To play custom music and skip the Benny Hill theme song, (why anyone in the world would like to skip that 15 second masterpiece I don'''t know!??!?) place a file named "custom_music.mp3" at this location: "sd:/apps/Achtung_Wii_Kurve/custom_music.mp3", where "sd:" refers to the root of your SD card. == Change log == === v1.3 - 23 April 2010 ===* Updated to GRRLIB 4.2.0.* Changed background music format from .ogg to .mp3* Added possibility to pause.* Now sorting players by score after a game.* Various minor fixes and changes. === v1.2 - 1 September 2009 ===* Added ir support in the menu.* Added support for custom music.* Made 3 different levels to adjust rumble intensity.* Made 10 different levels to adjust game speed.* Fixed some minor graphical errors. === v1.1a - 22 August 2009 ===* Fixed a bug that made curves die when travelling in certain directions (approximately 75 % of the directions).=== v1.1 - 21 August 2009 ===* Added support for the balance board (untested, but hopefully works).* Rewrote the menu.* Added option to save the preferences (provided that the folder Achtung_Wii_Kurve lies in the root of your SD card).* Added option to remove borders like in Snake 2.* Fixed so that the passing-through bug occurs more seldom.* Fixed a bug in the AI (which makes it much less willing to kamikaze).* Curve colour adjustments.* Changed the logo.=== v1.0 - 29 June 2009'''===
* Initial Release
* The authors of the [[Homebrew Channel]]
* The authors of [[GRRLIB]]
* The author of oggplayer
* All the helpful people at Wiibrew Forums
* The testers WaxyPupmkin72 and _sony
[[Category:Homebrew using GRRLib]]