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:I'll probably want to do it myself. I do think putting the web browser in wiiconnect would make it seam like a much more complete package. First, though, we need to get a stable, working web browser. Also, please sign your comments. [[User:Jsmaster|Jsmaster]] 12:38, 22 July 2009 (UTC)
== Spinning Globe, eventually? ==
I tried the current demo (timestamp in sig) and liked what I saw. One thing that I could see ''eventually'' happening is making the globe spin. I'm assuming that the background is a simple png or jpg image, so I'm going to suggest that it be made using either an animated png, a gif or some other means to make the globe spin.
This is simply a nice addition and ''copy'' from the News Channel UI. Another idea with the globe is like with Mario Kart Wii online player selection is shows where the players are from using the globe. This could be used by adding markers for where each known friend is.
Also, if it is possible, using our Wii friend codes (I'm sure I read it on this page) to have our Wiiconnect friends automatically be our Wii msg board friends too. Another is gathering any other game friend code data and having it stored in our Wiiconnect account.
It could be possible to use our Wii msg email (w[friendcode] through integration with the wii message board.
Personally, I would suggest libpurple for IM protocols, and using XMPP for chat, and I presume WebKit for the browser (though idk too much).
--[[User:Master5o1|Master5o1]] 21:24, 27 July 2009 (UTC)


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