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In order to use the Wii Shop channel, you have to configure your Wii's connection settings.
It uses a secure connection to the servers, so we cannot sniff it. In previous versions of the channel, the connection wasn't secured, read more about those findings at Please note that these are outdated, and may have changed in newer versions.<br>
You can also [[Accessing_Wii_Shop_Channel_From_PC|access the Wii Shop channel Channel from a PC]], but it will not look as it does on the Wii, because the HTML contains special refers to Wii-only features, that cannot be read by a normal internetspecific fonts and Wii-browser (mostly javascript or fonts)specific JavaScript APIs. We've tried using these codes on the Internet Channel without success.
To find out used URLs and IPs check this page out [[]]
The wii shop channel's title ID is 0x0001000248414241(HABA).
If you have the latest git of libogc, available from git:// if you have a git client, you can use the following code to start the shop channel and jump to a specific product:
WII_LaunchTitleWithArgs(0x0001000248414241LL, 0,"/startup?initpage=showTitle&titleId=*FULLTITLEID*", NULL /*terminator*/ );
where *FULLTITLEID* is the full ID in hex of the software, for . For example, for to open the European version of Columns on the Megadrive (note: you cannot browse to product pages for IDs not in the enduser's region)European version of Wii Shop Channel, you would use:
WII_LaunchTitleWithArgs(0x0001000248414241LL, 0,"/startup?initpage=showTitle&titleId=000100014d414250", NULL /*terminator*/ );