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| title = Achtung Wii Kurve
| image = [[ImageFile:Awk_logoWiikurve.png|180px128px]]
| type = other game
| author = [[User:profetylen|profetylen]]
| version = 1.03
| download = Media:Awk_app.rar
| website =
'''Achtung Wii Kurve''' is a clone of the computer game Achtung Die Kurve ( It differs in that it has a lot of customization- and control options and actually includes music, sounds and an AI. The game supports up to 12 players.
The objective of the game is to survive as long as you can by making sure your curve doesn't hit a wall or another curve. As you move you leave a trace behind you which noone can pass through except at tiny holes that regularly appears in the curve.
The controls are displayed in the game.
==Known bugs==
* Sometimes Rarely you can pass through another curve.
==Feedback / Support==
PM me on the wiibrew forums (account name=profetylen) or send an email to profetylen@hotmail.<at> gmail <dot> com if you have a suggestion or want to report a bug. You can also use this thread:,22763,22781#msg-22781 or the discussion page of this page to report a bug or propose a suggestion.
==To do==
* Fix the bugs.* Add support for wiimote speakers* Add support for the balance board* Improve the AI* Make a better logo.
==Alternative Alternate logos=='''Original logo (Logos made by profetylen)Profetylen'''
[[ImageFile:Awk_logoAwk logo.png|180px128px]][[File:Awk logo03.png|128px]]
'''Logos made by TRAINROXX'''
[[ImageFile:Awk_logo01Awk logo01.png|180px128px]][[ImageFile:Awk_logo02Awk logo02.png|180px128px]] '''Logos made by Elisherer''' [[File:Awk-simple.png|128px]] '''Logos made by [[User:NeoRame| NeoRame]]''' [[File:Wiikurve.png|128px]] == Custom music ==To play custom music and skip the Benny Hill theme song, (why anyone in the world would like to skip that 15 second masterpiece I don't know!??!?) place a file named "custom_music.mp3" at this location: "sd:/apps/Achtung_Wii_Kurve/custom_music.mp3", where "sd:" refers to the root of your SD card. == Change log == === v1.3 - 23 April 2010 ===* Updated to GRRLIB 4.2.0.* Changed background music format from .ogg to .mp3* Added possibility to pause.* Now sorting players by score after a game.* Various minor fixes and changes.
==Release log=v1.2 - 1 September 2009 ===* Added ir support in the menu.* Added support for custom music.* Made 3 different levels to adjust rumble intensity.* Made 10 different levels to adjust game speed.* Fixed some minor graphical errors.
'''=== v1.1a - 22 August 2009 ===* Fixed a bug that made curves die when travelling in certain directions (approximately 75 % of the directions).=== v1.1 - 21 August 2009 ===* Added support for the balance board (untested, but hopefully works).* Rewrote the menu.* Added option to save the preferences (provided that the folder Achtung_Wii_Kurve lies in the root of your SD card).* Added option to remove borders like in Snake 2.* Fixed so that the passing-through bug occurs more seldom.* Fixed a bug in the AI (which makes it much less willing to kamikaze).* Curve colour adjustments.* Changed the logo.=== v1.0 - 29 June 2009'''===
* Initial Release
==Thanks to==
* The authors of the game: Achtung Die Kurve
* The authors of the [[Homebrew Channel]]
* The authors of [[GRRLIB]]
* The author of oggplayer
* All the helpful people at Wiibrew Forums
* The testers WaxyPupmkin72 and _sony
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