The issue that comes to mind for me is how to calibrate the yaw sensor to the front of the TV. I guess when the wiimote is flat you could calibrate it based on when the sensor bar came into view, but I'm not sure I can see this working for all orientations, or working for a long time with games that don't require the sensor bar. Perhaps the gyro sensors won't produce enough drift to actually make this an issue, so that a game could reasonably calibrate one time during a menu sequence, and then not ever again for the duration of play. This may be even less important if the game uses more gesture recognition than actual direct motion sensing, as gesture recognition doesn't need an accurate measurement. Still, the prospect of a true sword-fighting game for Wii (which I'm surprised hasn't happened yet) still makes me wonder how this attachment is going to be put to use. --[[User:Thegamefreak0134|Thegamefreak0134]] 05:40, 7 January 2009 (UTC)
When will the wiimote or the game change the slow or fast of the yaw/pitch/roll? Or what data send from wiimote indicate i should send fast or slow data collected from analog output of gyro sensor. Does the adc resolution of the mcu used in motion plus is 14bit?Thanks! chris
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