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For the latest releases, check [[WiiBrew:News]].
*'''27 April 29 February 08''': [[Minesweeper]] has been released. It is a clone of the Windows game.*'''26 April 08''': Version 1.6 Release 14 of [[GRRLIB]] has been released.*'''23 April 08''': [ GenPlus] devkitPPC (Genesis emulatorthe gamecube toolchain aka libogc) released by LoPsT, including just hit the streets. This version includes support for Wiimote and classic controllerthe Wii. [http://www.megauploaddevkitpro.comorg/?d=2QDS6AGT download]*'''23 April 08''': [http:devkitpro// WiiPaint 1.0final/ News post] released by Kontakatilu, including support for wiimote. Uses GRRLIB. [[:Image:WiiPaint1.0.jpg|screenshot]] [http://wwwwiki.mediafiredevkitpro.comorg/?fejddjz13cw download]*'''17 April 08'''index.php/devkitPro: Load import games using [[Gecko OS|Gecko Region Free]Getting_Started Grab the code] by Nuke.
* '''27 February 08''':Victor Muñoz has released a disc-signing tool for the Wii -- "Trucha Signer". [ More info]. * '''26 February 08''' suffered from Slashdot yesterday, today it's time for [ Digg] to hammer the wiki. * '''25 February 08''' suffered the wrath of being [ Slashdotted]. After a brief stint of downtime and some generous donations, WiiBrew (as you can see) has returned. :Nintendo has released system update [ Wii Menu 3.2] across all regions. It does not appear to affect current exploits. Details in [[Homebrew status]] * '''24 February 08''':GC-Linux has released a Wii Proof of Concept mini-distro. [ GC-Linux main page] [ PoC Download](Works with usb Gecko) :[[User:Emu kidid|Emu_kidid]] released his [ Wii Mode MP3 Player]. * '''22 February 08''':[[User:Beardface|Beardface]] has released a new version of the [[EasyIOS]] application for the Wii. The new version is a stable release that allows those too lazy to code to contribute to the development effort. * '''19 February 08''':[[Team Twiizers]] (tmbinc, segher, bushing) released an updated version of the [[Twilight Hack]]. It is now possible to load ELF files from an SD card using an SD Gecko (or similar). Be sure to read the included README. * '''19 February 08''':Christian Auby aka [[User:DesktopMan]] has managed to port Tetris to the Wii. The game can be loaded using the Twilight Hack. Download the video [] (also on Youtube []) and the ELF file [] from his website. * '''15 February 08''':[[User:laZmike|laZmike]] displays a small "Hello, World!" demo using the Twilight Hack. You can view the video at [] * '''14 February 08''':"Auby" has managed to have the Twilight Hack load a pong game! As of right now, it doesn't do much because there are no controls. You can see it in action at [] (smooth video but takes a while to load) or [] (choppy video but loads a lot faster) Happy Valentine's Day to Everyone! :TikTok n' Botch run tachtig on Zelda exploit, make "release". Film at 11. * '''13 February 08''':say hi to [[Wiifuse server]], a new tool with a ridiculous big list of requirements. * '''12 February 08''':The [[Project of the Month]] page is now up - Congratulations to [ Johnny Lee] for his Wiimote work. * '''11 February 08''':Contest is over! Guess why :) [[Twilight Hack]] * '''4 February 08''':We are currently running two logo contests; Check them out [[Logo Candidates|here]]! {{Navbox homebrew releases news archive}}