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* Copy the PAK0.PAK (and PAK1.PAK if you own the full version) file to /apps/quake/ID1 on your SD card.
* The game should appear on the [[Homebrew Channel]] menu.
* Rip the original 10 tracks from the Quake CD into mp3s. Or pick 10 of your own mp3s.
* Name the mp3s "2.mp3" threw "11.mp3", and copy them to /apps/quake/music. (Don't ask why Quake starts counting tracks at 2)
* Rock!
== Release Notes ==
 '''Piko GX 0.11Roll Back'''*Bug fixes  I'''Piko GX m rolling back to version 0.10'''*Quick fixes to MP3 player.*Not linked against SVN 08, if you downloaded version of libogc, instead linked against 1.7.1a. (Missed that last night)  '''Piko GX 0.09'''*Mp3 support, place the tracks of Quake one, or any mp3s you want, into "/apps/quake/music", then name them "<Track Number>-0.mp3" so track one would be "211 please download version 0.mp3"08.*Using Q1Rev sound driverSorry about this, it uses asndbut I'm noticing some new bugs, and I don't think I want to release it in it's cleanercurrent form. I'll try to get version 0.12 released as soon as possible
'''Piko GX 0.08'''