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== Release Notes ==
'''Piko GX 0.08'''
*Initial USB Keyboard support. (Note: Some keyboards will cause QuakeWii to hang on start up, if you are stuck at a black screen when you start, unplug you keyboard.)
*The OSK keyboards repeat delay is now a cvar, you can change it in the configuration file, a menu entry will come soon. Default delay is 0.25 seconds.
'''Piko GX 0.07'''
*Being able to host network games.
*Connection to master server to get Quake-Wii server list.
*Redone menus using WiiGUI.
*In menu mod loading, or configuration file so you can execute QuakeGX with different arguments.
*Ability to use Classic controller, and Balance board for controls.
*Keyboard Support -DONE*Mouse Support


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