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Opening.bnr is the banner a normal ARC-file located on wii discs which contains the channel icon, banner, animation and sound. A Similar opening.bnr exists on Gamecube discs. However, the format has been expanded for the wii to include more content. ==Opening.bnr Struct=={| border="1"|-! Location! Number of Bytes! Description|-| 0-64| 64| Padding (0x00)|-| 64-92| 28| ??|-| 92-176| 84| Title (Null separated characters)|-| 176-504| 84 x 6| Title above repeated 6 times. (Possible that these are descriptions or something..with a extra header.)|-| 504The ARC-1332| 828| Padding (0x00)|-| 1332-1440| 108| ?? (cksum or prefix to file data of some sort)|-| 1440-EOF| ??| ?? (File Data (/bannercontains 3 files, icon.bin, /iconbanner.bin, /and sound.bin)|} ==banner.bin== ==iconThese .bin== ==sound-files are compressed using the LZ77 encryption, more information on Wikipedia.bin==