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== General ==
The '''oO'''ne '''tT'''ime '''pP'''rogrammable memory is used to store 32 4byte words. It is programmed sometimes sometime during the factory process and can never be changed afterwards. Next to the Wii's shared and public keys it also contains a random number generation seed and the boot1 hash which basically makes it impossible for us to change boot1.
== Register List ==
== Register descriptions General Registers =={{regsimplereg32 |HW_OTP_COMMANDHW_VERSION |addr=0x0d8001ec0x0d800214 |bitshifields =322 |accesslofields =2 ||1|15||R/W|U||RD||||11|5||U|R/W|||ADDR|}}{{regdesc|RD|Set to one to execute a read command. If clear, then the data in HW_OTP_DATA is unchanged.|ADDR|Word address to read}}This register contains the command sent to the OTP. Reading data is 0x8000_00xx where xx is the address of the 4byte word you want to read. It is unknown whether is register is also used during the factory process to program the OTP. ----{{regsimple|HW_OTP_DATA|addr=0x0d8001f0|bits=32|access=R/W}}This register contains the output data for the last issued OTP command. Changes of the HW_OTP_COMMAND register directly change this register without any delays.
This register contains the output data for the last issued OTP read command. The execution of a read operation via the HW_OTP_COMMAND register immediately changes this register without any delay.
== OTP Contents ==
| 9 || NG id
| a-10 11 || NG private key
| 11-15 || NAND HMAC(overlaps with NG private key)
| 16-19 || NAND key

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