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{{Infobox homebrewapp
| title = [[Image:MLBLogo.png]]
| desc = The exciting new Make sure 'video game' that all the family can enjoy!your'' balls come out on top
| type = Game
| license = BSD
| author = [[User:pinecone|pinecone]]
| version = 1.0.0r21| download = [ here]| source =
| hbc = 1
| hbb = 1
''' "''The major difference between a thing that might go wrong Propose to an Englishman any principle, or any instrument, however admirable, and a thing you will observe that cannot possibly go wrong the whole effort of the English mind is that when directed to find a difficulty, a thing that cannot possibly go wrong goes wrong defect, or an impossibility in it usually turns out . If you speak to be him of a machine for peeling a potato, he will pronounce it impossible to get at or repair: if you peel a potato with it before his eyes, he will declare it useless, because it will not slice a pineapple. "'' -- Douglas AdamsCharles Babbage'''
MyLittleBall (the most unfortunately titled form of entertainment since the console on which it is played) is the exciting new 'video game' that all puts you, the family can enjoy! Using latest technologiesplayer, MyLittleBall brings life in the position of a bouncy little red ball with an undying urge to any partyfurther elevate himself by means of randomly arranged platforms. Get ready for countless good times in your Living Room!
The new version features improved gameplay, Challenge a tamper-proof friend and then try to defend your high-scoring system, background music and brandscore by blasting him off the screen! ==Screenshots==These screenshots are representative of gameplay. Some stuff has changed since: <gallery perRow="3" style="text-spanking new graphics, courtesy align:center;" widths="200px" heights="150px">Image:MyLittleBall_title1a.jpg|The intro screenImage:MyLittleBall_ingame1a.jpg|A screenshot of SpriteAttack!v1.0.0 gameplay</gallery>
===Standard Mode===Be the ball. Holding it 'normally', rotate the WiiMote left and right to control the aspiring exclamation mark Mr Ball up and up and up! Keep bouncing on the platforms to avoid falling (falling is a bad idea). See how many points you can get, then challenge your friends, family, secret lovers, teachers and co-workers!
Don't forget to bring a towel.....
===NEW! Two-Player mode===
Same rules apply, except a second player can pick up a WiiMote, press 'B' in mid-game, and start dropping bombs on the player controlling the ball! Just point and press 'B' to drop.
{| class="wikitable"
! Player !! Button !! Action|-| {{Wiimote1}} || {{WiimoteAButton}} || Start game
| {{WiimoteAButtonWiimote1}} || Start {{WiimoteMinusButton}} || Pause game
| {{WiimoteMinusButtonWiimote1}} || Pause game{{WiimoteHomeButton}} || Return from whence you came
| {{WiimoteHomeButtonWiimote2}} || Return from whence you came{{WiimoteBButton}} || Join the game/Drop bombs!|-| {{Wiimote2}} || {{WiimoteAim}} || Point at where to drop the bomb
Rotate the Wiimote left and right to controll the ball. The larger your horizontal velocity, the greater the factor by which your horizontal vertical velocity increases (but you don't really need to worry about that). Player 2 can join any game by pressing 'B' on a second WiiMote. Then, point at the screen and drop bombs to blast your opponent off the screen. ==Changelog=='''v1.0.1''' Date Released: 06/03/09 * 2 player mode! Features:**Starts automatically when 'B' is pressed in gameplay**Point at screen and drop bombs on Ball!* Removed some debugging information* Made 'cheating' nearly impossible* Basic framework for internationalisation, but alternative languages not yet supported.* Added some translations to XML description* Sound effects finally implemented* 'Falling platforms' animation added* Used a GRRLIB fix to strange images appearing on start-up* Optimization on storing high scores '''v1.0.0''' Date Released: 08/02/09 * Graphical overhaul, courtesy of SpriteAttack* Added tamper-proof highscoring* Bugfixes* General gameplay improvements* Added music track* Made 'cheating' slightly harder
==Screenshots==These screenshots are representative of gameplay'''v0. Some stuff has changed since:0.1'''
<gallery perRow="3" style="text-alignDate Released:center;" widths="200px" heights="150px">Image:MyLittleBall_title1a.jpg|The intro screenImage:MyLittleBall_ingame1a.jpg|A screenshot of v1.0.0 gameplay<21/01/gallery>09
* Initial Release==Version jumpCommunication Problems (A word on Languages)==Before anyone else points No translations this outtime. Sorry. I've been trying hard, I really have, and the jump from version 0translations you've submitted are very much appreciated.0.1 to 1.0.0 Unfortunately, I wasn't just even able to fuel my delusion that I was making progressadd translations to the meta. There were other reasons besides. The last version was pretty pants. The graphics from xml file because the [[User:DayDreamOz|SpriteAttackHomebrew Channel]] wouldn't allow accented characters. But your translations have simply changed the game entirely, and on top not been in vein. I have added them as brief translations of thiswiki page, there are all manner of changes and tweaks which ought I hope to add them to have really been there the game in the first placefuture....but probably not too soon. Sorry.
==High Scorings==
Oh - and anyone who hacks the system is obliged to create a new one.
==Sounds like troublefun==I had some excellent sound Hurray! Sound effects lined up for are working and so is the game. I implemented them with success, and then went on to trying to add some background music. The background music was implemented with success, but at the expense of the sound effects. For some reason (probably a rather obvious one) I could not engineer them to work simultaneously. At the end, I decided to keep And the music, mainly because best part is when it was the one that was working at the time broken it wasn't my fault! The latest build of me giving up. If anyone would like to lend [[libogc]] has fixed a hand, it would be very much appreciatedbug in the old version. Three cheers for sound effects!


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