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:My monitor and TV aren't very good, and I make graphics on the monitor that look bright and colorburst on my TV. I tone it down on my monitor, though I do want a somewhat desaturated look. Your image looks great, though it sort of groups the sky/moon in with the castle background, and doesn't give the sense of distance I want. Eventually, I want to have several layers of paralax scrolling, and the idea is that the farther ones are more blurred, and most use a single hue (as opposed to using saturation to differentiate background and characters). I'd like to do something like the gloomy lighting and shading in your image, but with layers or objects (moving rain, fog, etc), and possibly a layer on top of the bricks to add personality to some of them. Also, I don't want the decor to look too flat and untextured, since there's so many wii games that do that already (a little bit is ok). To keep away from that, I'd like to add more photorealistic imagery (like the painting right before you get to the boss). All that being said, I may end up with a completely different visual style once I get some more of the gameplay down. --[[User:SpiderDave|SpiderDave]] 11:38, 28 January 2009 (UTC)
Hey i played the game, on the earlier version i havn't got the newest version yet. But i was wondering about something Because actually i have A mental problem and i'm sure others do too, and seeing bloody things even in cartoon form bring on some bad thoughts to myself. and i just got over a period of them and iw as wondering if you could turn on a blood option so i for one could turn it off ha ha
Thanks -Daniel