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: – I thought so to when I got this behavior in Wiiuse, 0x20-0x40 was 0xff, and the ID was also 0xff or something else (I have a Logic3 Wireless Nunchuck). But when I try it in the Dolphin emulator with real Wii games I see the same problem, it actually sends the Wii game 0xff. However it still works, probably because Wii games ignore bad calibration values (unline Wiiuse 0.12 which I had to manually give my actual Nunchuck calibration values before the nunchuck_event() function worked). It must do, because I definately only send the calibration data once, and it's 0xff, decrypted. You can try it to if you like in the Dolphin Wiimote plugin. I also see that when I change the neutral values in the middle of reporting the game get confused and thinks that the Nunchuck stick is pressed in either direction (like it should do), this way I can probably figure out approximately what the Wii games guess are the calibrated values, perhaps they are exactly the same as my Nunchuck actually sends, by trying to hold is still and exactly horizontal I got the values
0x7d 0x7e and 0x7b 0x86 0xb5
:for the neutral X and Y stick values and the neutral X, Y, and Z accelerometer values (the reason X and Y are different may be that I didn't hold the Nunchuck correctly horizontal). If there is a default value in the Wii SDK that all games use it could be plausable that it never sends any calibration data. It seems unlikely however, I would want to confirm that it behaves the same way on the real hardware and with regular games before I'm certain that it actually doesn't tell anyone about its neutral values and calibration. --[[User:John Peterson|John Peterson]] 01:33, 6 February 2009 (UTC)
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