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== Newer Zelda TP discs won't work anymore? ==I bought a new Zelda The Twilight Princess game for the Wii to install the Twilight Hack. It seems that Nintendo fixed the disc so the homebrew channel or any other loader wont work, it just freezes.(The game starts up and works, it lists the 2 games you can load from, when i go backwards or talk to the man, it just freezes) I have repeated the installation steps, formatted my sd card, made sure the file i downloaded was named boot.dol and was on the root of my sd card, but no good. I make sure the wii is 3.4u, so i use the save ""(RZDE) But nothing, maybe I'm making a mistake, or did Nintendo fix the newer Zelda TP discs? [[user:crwys|crwys]]
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