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Answer two: I don't think that any agreement on the site is going to keep Nintendo employees out. True, they may not be able to use such information against wiibrew in a court case, but that certainly doesn't prevent them from programming methods to stop it. The best way to keep information out of the hands of Nintendo at this point is simply not to put it on the internet. I think that what the team is doing right now (keeping the site in the dark about the details of their current hack to install channels) is very wise indeed, as it makes it that much harder for Nintendo to actually see what we're doing with that code. True, they can disassemble our stuff just like we can disassemble theirs, but that process takes time and a lot of effort, so it would cost them money to do so. If, on the contrary, we were open with the details about the exploits used, they would be able to pinpoint the weakness in the system on their own. So really, keeping the details about the particular hacks is good. Besides, that also allows us to sort of fend off the pirates for a while, which helps homebrew's case. /rant --[[User:Thegamefreak0134|Thegamefreak0134]] 02:09, 24 November 2008 (UTC)
== Europe's Contracts were not updated? ==
Am I wrong, or were NOE's contracts not updated while America's and Japn's were?
I checked German (Germany) and English (UK).
What about the rest of the world? [[User:Daniel c w|Daniel c w]] 23:42, 4 December 2008 (UTC)