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==Releases== <!-- Add releases below --></noinclude>
* '''11 November 08:''' A new beta of [[Wii Linux]] (Codename [ Miight]) has been released. It has been worked on by Muzer and now includes a GUI (XORG) with wiimote support as a mouse and it has an on-screen keyboard as well as many other applications. Wifi is still untestedunsupported.
* '''10 November 08:''' Two new [[MPlayerWii#Unofficial_Versions|unofficial versions]] of MPlayerWii have been released, each with different features.
* '''08 November 08:''' [[User:Gouky|Gouky]] has released [[UAE4Wii]] v01
* '''08 November 08:''' [[User:JustWoody|JustWoody]] has updated [[MahJongg Wii]] v0.6
* '''03 November 08:''' [[User:Pinecone|Pinecone]] has updated [[HBCXMLGen]] to 0.0.1r2