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There have been many Wii System Updates for the Wii. Listed here are the ones that in some way affect homebrew. <noinclude>==Updates==</noinclude>=== Updated all IOSes, and IOS51 ==='''Released: 23rd October 2008''' This blocks new installations of anything fakesigned, that is, #REDIRECT [[Homebrew Channelstatus]], wads (legal and illegal), [[Starfall]], cIOS, anything that installs IOSes secretly like [[AnyRegion Changer]] or [[AnyTitle Deleter]], [[xyzzy]] and [ DVDX] (used for apps which have DVD support). The homebrew developers are already planning how they could work against this. If something is already installed then it isn't affected, like Homebrew Channel, etc. You currently need this update to access the [[Wii Shop Channel]]. It updates all IOSes with the fakesigning bug, and adds IOS51. === [[System Menu 3.3]] & Updated IOS30, 31 ==='''Released: 16th June 2008''' This update blocked old versions of the [[Twilight Hack]]. The newest version contains a workaround, and retains compatibility with all Wii firmware versions. IOS30 and 31 have fixes for the [[Signing bug]] backported from [[IOS37]]. Since the System Menu uses IOS30, fake-signed discs have been blocked. === [[IOS37]] ==='''Released: 21st March 2008''' This iteration of IOS contained a fixed signature checking routine--a fix for the [[Signing bug]]. Although installed on many Wiis, this version of IOS has not been found active in any way that would disable any hacks. === Other Updates === Currently, no other updates, older or newer than these, affect homebrew. See [[System Menu Versions]] for more info on other updates.