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* ATi '[[Hollywood]][' processor
*Runs at a speed of 243 MHz.
*24 MB of internal main memory
*Internal main memory operates at 486 MHz.
Maximum bandwidth between [Hollywood ]] and internal main memory: 3.9 GB/s
*Possible to locate a program here
Reference Information: [Hollywood ]] is similar to Nintendo GameCube’s Flipper and Splash components.
The [Hollywood ]] is a multi-chip package composed of two dies, named Vegas and Napa. Vegas is the GPU, and is also responsible for I/O functions, including memory access. Napa is the DSP, and includes 24 MiB of 1T RAM on the die. Vegas has direct access to 3 MiB of 1T RAM for use as a frame buffer and texture storage.
* Qimonda HYB18HS1232 64 MiB GDDR3 graphics RAM