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;As it's said, it's not possible right now to read files from a DVD. Is it due to the DVD lib and so it never will be possible or is it just not implemented yet? [[User:Elmarsupio|Elmarsupio]]
:Erant's dvdlib allows raw access to dvdDVDs. what's. whats missing is a devoptab device to access files within a an iso9660/udf filesystem - just like libfat offers for fat FAT filesystems on sd SD cards. such a device can be built upon the dvdlib, so yes its it's totally possible - there just isnt isn't one atm :P [[User:Dhewg|dhewg]] 15:53, 13 August 2008 (UTC)
;I installed DVDX the normal way using HBC, then executed MPlayer and played. What do I need to do now? The controller doesn’t seem to work, inserting a DVD doesn’t change anything, the menu doesn’t pop up.
:When you put the mplayer folder for the homebrew channel in the apps folder you renamed it. The app paths are hard coded. Rename your other mplayer folders and leave this one as mplayer.