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draw your own patterns. yay.
| type = Math(?)
| author = [[User:Drei000|drei000]]
| download = [] ('''2008.07.2728''')
| source = not yet :)
| peripherals = {{Wiimote1}}
'''WiiLife''' is an implementation of ['s_Game_of_Life Conway's Game of Life] for Wii. It lets you watch a random population of cells evolve and die. You can zoom in for a better look and scroll around. If you get bored, you can create an new random populationor try out your own pattern.
Due to its early stage, the program may crash once in a while, since I'm not sure that all boundaries are checked. Speed needs improvement too, but i have yet to decide between all the different algorithms.
| {{WiimoteDPad}} || Move around in Zoom Mode
| {{WiimoteAButton}} || Edit Mode On/Off|-| {{WiimoteBButton}} || Normal Mode: Generate new (random) populationEdit Mode: Set/Unset Cell
| {{WiimotePlusButton}} || Zoom In
:* Edit Mode finally here. Press A and draw Cells by Point&Click. Press A again and see what happens :)
:*Adjustable Cell density and size of randomly populated area
*Save & Load Patterns (support for common Life file formats)
*Create Patterns *Optimize Code for Speed. Optimize Code in general. Code is a mess ;)
*Larger Universe(?)


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