::No, I don't see any problem with any Wii-Game. Some WiiMote Lib's, which supporting the original Nunchuk perfectly, toggle between Nothing inserted and Partially inserted when Wireless Nunchuk pluged in and no Data is streamed from the Nunchuk. Its extrem strange!!!! I got no glue !
Hi, I'm still trying to run a Wireless Nunchuk on WiiUse and WiiYourself!. One problem is that the address areas where the calibration data normaly stored is for write-only on the wireless nunchuks.
But the weird thing about this wireless nunchuk from snakebyte:
is that I get no response at all until I played MetroidPrime3 or Zelda with it. I am not kidding !!! After playing one of this Games I get all Data only without the Calibration, so I can't really use the data because I don't know how to Calibrate the Accs and the Joystick.
== Tilt Sensor ==