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Added what IOP stands for, since the Starbuck on the Wii U is also known as IOP according to Wikipedia, and Wikipedia states that IOP is short for Input/Output Processor
The [[Hollywood]] includes an ARM9 coreto handle I/O and security, nicknamed the '''Starlet''' by [[fail0verflow]], but internally known as the '''IOP''', short for Input/Output Processor. This is a very interesting piece of hardware, as it basically does everything that makes a Wii different from a GamecubeGameCube.
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== Hardware Specs ==
* arm926 coreNEC ARM926EJ-S SoC. See also [https://www.techinsights.* AES and SHA-1 hardware engines* Boot ROM* OTP keycom/hash area [[Starlet Register List]] == Tasks ==The Starlet handles at least these tasks in the Wii * NAND access products/ filesystem* DVD subsystem* Authentication (RSA, EC, SHA1, HMACnec-c10046f5-211-pn2-circuit-analysis-SHA1) and encryption/decryption (AES, RSA, EC)report ChipWorks].* USB HCD (generic USB interface), Keyboard driver, Ethernet driver* WiFi (both Big endian for networking and communication compatibility with Nintendo DS devices)the Broadway* TCP/IP ARM and UDPthumb instruction set* SD card* GPIO (Sensor bar, drive LED, power LED, etc)* Audio/Video encoder Clocked at 243MHz (I2CHollywood clock) bus
== Boot ==
{{Seealso|boot process}}
Starlet is the first processor to run code in the Wii.
* Starlet boots from an internal Mask ROM, BOOT0 (about 1300 bytes of code out of 4K possible)* BOOT0 [[boot0]] decrypts, verifies, and runs the first few blocks of NAND, BOOT1 (up to the first 48 pages of flash)* BOOT1 [[boot1]] locates, loads, decrypts, verifies, and runs BOOT2* The BOOT2 [[boot2]] bootstrap then loads the embedded ELF file.* BOOT2 [[boot2]] starts the IOS. At some point, Starlet *[[IOS]] loads code into an the EXI buffer and bootstraps the {{hw|Broadway.}}
== Links ==
More information about the Starlet:
* [ ARM926EJ-S Technical Reference Manual] - CPU, MMU, Cache specs and programmer's interface
* [ ARM9EJ-S Technical Reference Manual] - CPU specs and programmer's interface
* [ ARM Architecture Reference Manual] - Documentation about the ARMv5 architecture.
* [[IOS]] - the OS that runs on the Starlet and handles calls from the Broadway during game execution and while in the system menu.
* [[ARM Binaries]] - the formats used for Starlet executable code
* [[WAD Files]] are used for BOOT2 and the IOS

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