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'''xyzzy''' is a homebrew application which was meant as a replacement for the [[Tweezer Attack]]. It originally used [[PatchMii]] to download, patch, and use a version of IOS to extract the OTP Encryption keys for the [[Wii]]. The current mod now disables HW_AHBPROT, so it doesn't install an [[IOS]] anymore nor does it use PatchMii. It also supports USB devices, newer Wiimotes and GameCube controllers.
== Keys extracted ==
xyzzy extracts the OTP and SEEPROM encryption keys of the Wii and the vWii. It can also extract the SD IV, MD5 Blanker and MAC address of the Wii. They are stored in SD://keys.txt, and the device certificate is stored in SD://device.cert (or on a USB device if selected). On the Wii U, the [ ancast image] is also dumped.