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| 1
| 0x80
| Set by the apploader to 0x80 for single-layer discs and 0x81 for dual-layer discs (determined by whether 0x7ed40000 is the value at offset 0x30 in the partition's bi2.bin; it seems that that value is 0 for single-layer discs). Early titles' apploaders do not set it at all, leaving the value as 0. This controls the [[:/dev/di#0x8D_DVDLowUnencryptedRead |out-of-bounds Error #001 read]] for titles that do make such a read: they try to read at 0x7ed40000 for dual-layer discs and 0x460a0000 for single-layer discs.
|- style="background-color: #fdd;"
| 0x80003400