behavior when turning off while running a GC game
:::Possibly BC doesn't actually check the signature on boot2; it does seem to interact with NAND, the AES engine, and the SHA-1 engine though. I also checked and it writes things to the [[debug port]] which may match with the info on [[boot1]] (but I'm not 100% sure; the code is really confusing and I don't want to spend too much time investigating it). It definitely checks *something* (one function uses [[Hardware/NAND]], [[Hardware/AES Engine]], and [[Hardware/SHA-1 Engine]], and uses strings related to certificates ("Root", "CA", "-", "CP", "XS"), and is also responsible for writing to the debug port), but I don't know if it's actually boot2 that it's checking or something else (there are basically no other strings to look at for context).
:::(As for the debug port, it writes a value, and then inverts all of the bits and writes that value, in a loop waiting 1000000 units each time (it seems to be a busy loop for waiting so I don't know the units). It also always writes 0xbc to the debug port at startup, which might be where the name came from since I don't see any other text that gives it a name, unless I'm forgetting something in the system menu.) --[[User:Pokechu22|Pokechu22]] ([[User talk:Pokechu22|talk]]) 08:06, 30 April 2021 (CEST)
::::Oh, one more thing: I confirmed that bootmii doesn't start when launching a GC game, but it ''does'' launch when pressing the power button while a GC game is running. I think this means that BC does ''not'' launch boot2, but MIOS ''will'' launch boot2 to turn off the Wii (note that on selecting the System Menu from bootmii, it loads as normal, i.e. the shutdown doesn't actually go through. But if no SD card is inserted, then it will eventually shutdown after the disc drive does a thing.) This could be confirmed by seeing if BC needs to be patched when modifying MIOS. --[[User:Pokechu22|Pokechu22]] ([[User talk:Pokechu22|talk]]) 06:40, 2 May 2021 (CEST)