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|newerver = 4.3-U]] <br> [[4.3-Mini]]<span style="display:none">
The '''4.3''' update to the Wii was mainly a homebrew-blocking update. However, it also added [[IOS58]], which allows USB2.0 access. To avoid updating, the [[IOS58 Installer]] can be used instead.
== Changes ==
=== September 8June 21, 2010 ===*Deleted [[Homebrew Channel]]*Deleted [[DVDX]]
*Deleted Title IDs:
**HAXX([[Homebrew Channel]])**DVDX([[DVDX]])**JODI(Homebrew Channel)**DISC(DVDX)**DISK(not used by anything)
*'''System Menu''' uses [[IOS80]]
*Stubbed [[IOS254]]
*ES_AddTitleFinish now checks the signature
*On initial setup, the date defaults to 1/1/2010 instead of 1/1/2009
=== September 8, 2010 ===
* Out-of-region [[IOS]] versions have been installed to every region.
=== November 6, 2012 ===

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