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== Creation ==
In April of 2020, Marko (aka Markojerry) and Dogmander created the Wii no Ma revival project, named "Rii no Ma". Then after poking around in HEX files a hex editor for a bit and finding random details, a . A new branch of the project was made, called "Archive No no Ma". It's Its goal was to find the content hosted on Wii no Ma and archive it for later use on the revived app.
== Timeline ==
*Spotlight starts actively working on the project, bringing near daily breakthroughs on the Wii no Ma portion of the WiiLink24 project.
*Glitch joins and begins doing voluntary translations for Wii no Ma, translating from Japanese to English.
*Work begins on English language builds of Wii no Ma aka Wii Room.
== Supported Software ==


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