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== WiiDoom-Fork ==
The WiiDoom download above seems to crash if you try to load DOOM1.WAD (the included shareware Doom!). It did run for me with the standard DOOM.WAD though.
But I found this WiiDoom-Fork, which is an updated and improved version:
It does run the included Doom Shareware. And, as noted on its page, this fork added some controller options, music support, and, behind the scenes, it fixed a long-standing bug where stereo sound was reversed in the game (sounds which should come from the right were coming from the left). I don't think any other Wii Doom port has fixed that problem.
However, this fork was not packaged correctly on the github site, so I went ahead and put together a functional package, including the Timidity files which enable music. I also did a bit of hex editing of the .dol in order to alter the expected locations of those files so they could be put within the WiiDoom folder instead of being on the root, to make things more tidy. And by the way, that WiiDoom folder is hard-coded, so don't try renaming it or you'll get crashy!
Also, along with the DOOM1.WAD (shareware) file, I included Chex Quest and Chex Quest 2 PWADs (those are also free), so you should be able to play this without any further downloads.
(Unfortunately this cannot load .DEH files which are needed to fully convert mods like Chex Quest, so not quite everything in the games will be converted -- for example, the Flemmoids will shoot at you even though they normally shouldn't. And note that Chex Quest 2 uses sounds from Chex Quest (1), so they both must be loaded in order to play Chex Quest 2 (without having Doom sounds in the game, anyway).
Including the sound files does make for a much larger download... so this is 29.4 meg.
Download here:
[[user:Mr. Reaper|Mr. Reaper]]
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