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== Version History ==
'''===0.01''' = ==* Initial Release.
'''===0.02''' = ==* Made the visual analog sticks interactive, and added * Added the ability to test Gamecube controllers plugged into any of the ports (by pressing Start on each controller).
'''===0.03''' = ==* Analog triggers now interactive, and all * All buttons provide better visual feedback.
'''===0.9''' = Added in everything but the kitchen sink (but if I had a kitchen sink wii attachment for Cooking Mama, I'd add that too). ==* You should be able to test just about everything now, on any port, including the tap/slide bar on some guitars and the analog shoulder buttons on an original Classic Controller. Oh, you * You can even test the Power button on your wiimote by holding it down for 3 seconds.
'''===0.91''' = ==* Added in a visual cursor so you can test the Wiimote InfraRed pointer now.
'''===1.00''' = ==* Added visual feedback for Wiimote and Nunchuk accelerometer readings. Also added * Added automatic 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio adjustment (who even uses 4:3 anymore?), so the onscreen graphics no longer look way too fat. You can also toggle the aspect ratio manually.
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