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This file contains data used by the WC24 mail engine. The following list is the default mail engine URLs contained in this file. Like most other WC24 URLs, you need the internal KD SSL client certificate to access the servers.
All URLs, except account.cgi, are now defunctas of 2013. Nintendo's servers needed internal KD SSL client certificate to access the servers. [[RiiConnect24]] has restored the functionality, and patches the mail server URLs using a homebrew app the user runs. * This generates a password and mlchkid, for usage when contacting the Wii Mail scripts for authentication* This is where the Wii checks if it has any mail; this has a challenge as it's over HTTP.* This handles receiving of Mail.* Once mail is received, the Wii contacts this script to delete the mail from the server database.* This handles sending of Mail.
=== File structure ===
A Kaitai file documenting the file structure can be found [ here].
{| class="wikitable"
| 0x7
| 0x4
| Unknown, must always be Version of config file. Release IOS have it as 8.
| 0x8
| 0x77
| 0x20
| passwd - returned from "POST GET /cgi-bin/account.cgi?mlid=<mlid>"- sent with send/receive/delete
| 0x78
| 0x9b
| 0x24
| This is the mlchkid string value - Only used in for check, sent over HTTP(S) mail POST requests.
| 0x9c
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