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| type = system tool
| author = suloku
| version = 1.12b
| download =
| source =
* Restores savegames in GCS/SAV format
* Deletes savegames from memory card
* Backups memory card raw images in .raw format
* Restores memory card raw images from RAW/GCP/MCI format
* Format the memory card
* Wiimote and GameCube controller support
* Power button support
[What's New 1.2b - september 06, 2012 - By suloku]
* Solved a potential bug, 1.2 and 1.2a seemed unaffected by it.
[What's New 1.2a - september 06, 2012 - By suloku]
* 1.2 wasn't correctly freeing memory and eventually raw backup and restore would hang the app (a 2043 block card would make it hang at the second attempt to raw backup the card)
[What's New 1.2 - september 06, 2012 - By suloku]
* Added raw backup mode (in .raw format, compatible with dolphin and devolution)
* Added RAW/GCP/MCI support for raw restore mode
* Added format mode
* Flash ID of inserted card and SD image are shown in Raw Restore Mode
* Protection against writing a raw image to the wrong card (trough Flash ID checking)
* Raw mode works with official and unofficial cards, as well as gci mode (thanks to tueidj for pointing me in the right path!)
[What's New 1.1 - august 29, 2012 - By suloku]
== TO DO ==
 * Add raw image read and write support* Add hotswapping(memory cards can be swapped, SD Gecko/SD/USB can't be swapped)
To be confirmed if some protected savegames also rely on the block number the savefile starts (or how many blocks where occupied before the savegame was created).
Restoring a raw image to a different diferent card has still to be tested to see if won't work. Please note that will permit using a protected gamesave on another memory cardall unofficial cards share the same Flash ID (serial ID), allowing raw image restoring between unofficial cards (as long as they are the same size).
*Known protected savegames: Medal of Honor: Frontline, F-Zero GX, Pokemon Coloseum, Fire Emblem, Phantasy Star Online (all)
note: some of these, as Pokemon Coloseum aren't really protected, they just have the permisions set to not be able to move/copy the savefile. GCMM backups and restores these savegames without problems.
As of 1.1 restored savegames mantains mantain the savegame's original permisions (they are reseted when game is saved again anyways)
=== Other savegame formats ===
They are shown at the screen.
====Raw mode controls:====
* Raw Backup Mode: GC_pad L+Y , Wiimote B+Minus
* Raw Restore Mode: GC_pad L+X , Wiimote B+Plus
* Format Card Mode: GC_pad L+Z , Wiimote B+2
Currently gcmm uses:
*DevkitPPC r26:*libOGC 1.8.11 git (2012-07-25):
note: it compiles and runs fine with 1.8.11 release
*libfat 1.0.11:*libFreeType 2.4.2 port:
*SoftDev for his contributions to the GC/WII scene*Costis for helping with some doubts, he's allways there*Masken for his code on raw data reading/writing*Justb & dsbomb for originally creating gcmm*CowTRobo & Samsom for very useful old sources*Tantric for pointing out that official memory cards won't work on wii mode, which encouraged me to continue gcmm as all my previous efforts where in vane due to using an official card for the testing.*tueidj, for his patches and very useful information and support. Official memory cards work due to his work.*dronesplitter for banner and icon implementation*PlabloACZ and Picachu025 for updating the source.*Nano, for inspiring me to finally working again on GCMM

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