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'''LetterBomb''' is a safe way to enable [[homebrew]] on a Wii without hardware modification. LetterBomb is achieved by use of the Wii Messageboard Message Board which executes a homebrew application from an external SD card. Examples of such homebrew .elf or .dol files can be found on the [[List of homebrew applications|Homebrew applications]] page. LetterBomb was created by [[Team Twiizers]]. This exploit only works with any region of [[System Menu 4.3]].
This exploit is a System Menu exploit, meaning it works without any needing a game in a manner very , similar to the now defunct [[Bannerbomb]].
== Usage & Installation ==
'''For detailed instructions on using this method to set up Homebrew from start to finish, see [[Homebrew setup#Letterbomb Letterbomb]]'''
#[[System Menu 4.3]] (anything lower will not work).
#Your Wii’s WiFi MAC Address (available from your Wii's system settings). This is needed because the Wii will only accept messages addressed to its specific MAC address.
#Some possibility A way to copy the files from your PC to the SD card (card reader, printer, etc.)
#Some homebrew software to load. Although this isn't necessary, it's highly recommended. The exploit will attempt to load "boot.elf" (or "boot.dol" if it can't be found) from the SD card root directory.
#On Computer: Rename If there is a folder titled "private" folder on your SD card, rename it to "privateold" on your SD card.
#On Computer: Copy the "private" directory from the LetterBomb download to the root of your SD card.
#On Computer: Take your homebrew (preferably Hackmii Installer) and put it in the ROOT of your SD card as "boot.elf" Note that you can download the Hackmii Installer directly from the download link provided above.
#Wii: Put your SD card in your Wii and turn it on.
#Wii: Go into the Wii Messageboard Message Board and navigate to "Today", "Yesterday" or "Two days ago".
#Wii: Click on the appropriate envelope, sit back and prepare for the hacking glory.


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